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Poverty relief and education for Tibetans

UK Charity Registration No.1124076  Tel: 02380 462926

100% of all donations received will go to fund health care, education and poverty relief projects.  

All necessary expenses are met privately by volunteers.

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If you live around the Southampton area and would like to lend a hand with some of our fundraising activities we would be happy to hear from you. We thoroughly recommend helping the people in Rigul, we certainly get a lot of satisfaction. It involves a lot of team work, as well as being a social get together, and lots of fun with various activities.

Please contact Margaret on 023 8046 2926.

We started our fundraising for Rigul and other Tibetans when we heard about the poverty and hardship experienced by the Tibetan people since the Chinese invasion and occupation of their country.  

The nomadic people of Rigul on the high Tibetan plateau live at an altitude of 12,795 feet and existence is marginal in a sparsely vegetated fragile ecosystem and where winters are extremely harsh. Living in a remote area far from any of the supports for life which we take for granted, they lacked basic healthcare, a school, and still have no piped water, electricity, telephone or sanitation.

We have raised money

from car boot sales; sponsored runs; a parachute jump (see Claire in free-fall above!); cake stall and garden cream tea parties; plant sales; dinner parties and ‘bring & buy’ to name but a few!

Ebay for Rigul Trust

What a difference a click makes!

Support our work in Tibet and India whilst doing what you do everyday on eBay.

Simply select our charity Rigul Trust when listing an item and choose to donate** between 10-100% of your final selling price.

Be a Friend of Rigul Trust

Shop now to support our cause - buy from our own Rigul Trust shop - books and audio CD’s & DVD’s of Tibetan teachings, illustrated folk tale, Buddhist chanting and more....

All the proceeds go directly to funding our welfare projects  supporting some of the poorest communities in India and Tibet


Yes, we want your old ink cartridges and mobile phones which will then be recycled and so prevent yet more rubbish and landfill and earn money for Rigul Trust poverty relief projects!

Over 50 million ink cartridges per year are thrown away in the UK and end up in land fill sites where they will take over a 1,000 years to decompose.  In the UK alone an estimated 15 million mobile phones are discarded every year and over 100 million are hoarded as they still have a monetary value.

Recycling for Rigul Charity in Tibet and India Recycle for Cash
Rigul Trust charity - poverty relief for poor Tibetans in India and Tibet How to Donate whilst you Surf

You can now raise funds for poverty relief for Tibetan refugees whilst you search the web or shop online -see how

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Other ways to support Rigul projects

Ebay for charity for Rigul Trust - sell your unwanted treasures for Rigul projects and raise funds for our welfare projects for poor Tibetans


Easysearch - browse on-line and raise money for Rigul projects.You'll raise funds for your chosen cause with every search you make. By making just 10 searches a day with easysearch instead of Google or any other search engine you can raise around £20 a year for Rigul Trust poverty relief and welfare projects, just through your normal Web searching!

Tom Zachmeier, film maker, has generously donated hundreds of beautiful postcards to raise awareness and funds for Ringu Tulku Rinpoche's UK registered charity, Rigul Trust,The photo is a still taken from Tom's film:

'Karmapa-The story so far.....'


This film was showing at the Estrel centre in Berlin as people were sitting peacefully waiting for HH Karmapa to arrive to give his talks, teachings and an empowerment, on the occasion of HH Karmapa’s first visit to Europe.