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Poverty relief and education for Tibetans

UK Charity Registration No.1124076  Tel: 02380 462926

100% of all donations received will go to fund health care, education and poverty relief projects.  

All necessary expenses are met privately by volunteers.

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Friend of Rigul Trust shop fundraising for poverty relief projects for Tibetans

Be a Friend of Rigul Trust today

There are lots of fun and interesting ways to raise much needed funds for Rigul Trust welfare projects whilst you shop; books, an audio CD, DVD’s - here are some ideas for shopping for you or a friend.....  

and check back here again soon as we are continually adding to our shop items.

NEW ADDITION!   Buy DVD’s and audio CD recordings of Buddhist teachings given by Tibetan Buddhist Lama Ringu Tulku Rinpoche:

pdf list & ordering info.....Full List of Available Teachings by Ringu Tulku


Purchase a beautiful paperback graphic novel Tibetan folk tale told by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche called ‘The Boy Who Had a Dream’


Purchase a CD ‘O Lama’ by Gabriela Jansch of Buddhist chants and prayers


Give an offering of £14.00 for the beautiful recording of devotional Buddhist prayers from Lama Tsultrim ‘Rain of Blessings’ and all the proceeds go to help fund the school and clinic.

Meditation Teachings CD & DVD
Mahamudra Teachings CD & DVD
The Boy Who Had a Dream Book
Friend of Rigul Trust charity, poverty relief for Tibetans


the Practice of Compassion

The first publication for the UK charity Rigul Trust is now completed. Its a substantial 160 pages with beautiful illustrations. 100% of the proceeds raised go to Rigul Trust ‘s funding of a school, Medical Clinic and much more in a poor region of Tibet, and support of other education and health projects in Tibetan communities in India.

You can see more from the book here.





Chenrezig Book UK

Price: £14.95 plus £2.50 UK postage and packing

Rigul Trust Publications

Chenrezig Book

160pp - 170 x 170mm

1st Edition 2011

Front and back cover

CD ‘O Lama’ Buddhist Prayers
For all European and Worldwide postal destinations
please click here for our main ordering page
CD ‘Rain of Blessings’
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