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Poverty relief and education for Tibetans

UK Charity Registration No.1124076  Tel: 02380 462926

100% of all donations received will go to fund health care, education and poverty relief projects.  

All necessary expenses are met privately by volunteers.

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Education and Health Care in Rigul

We have committed ourselves to really try and support Rigul health clinic and school year in and year out. We need all the help that we can get to help in Rigul. Life is hard and conditions are very challenging.

For the year May 2014 - 2015 we will need to send around £30,000 for the salaries of Dr Chuga, Ani Choden the nurse, the doctor’s assistant, the running costs of the clinic, the children’s education with two free, hot meals a day at school, the textbooks, the teachers and the cooks.


Ringu Tulku suggests some sponsoring and so we have an appeal programme to sponsor a child/children with an education and two hot meals a day.

We have a choice of sponsoring one or more children in the following ways:

The cost for the year for school children at £200 each is £10,000

This would be so very helpful if we can all chip in and help sponsor these children and give them a chance that we would give our own children. Rigul is so remote and communications so difficult we wouldn’t be able to allocate a specific child with a name and a photo. But this I feel is even more worthwhile knowing how ‘cut off’ that they are from the world and in such desperate need. Many children have to walk for an hour each way to school and the winters are severe.

Be a friend of Rigul Trust and help us reach our target funding of £10,000 for 2014 -15 for children in Rigul - please sponsor a Tibetan child.

We are running this appeal, set out below. Please share this with your friends, family, colleagues, forward this email, put it on blogs and please help in every way that you can. Have a fund raising activitity, a coffee morning, a bring and buy, sell something on e-bay for us, a car boot sale, collect all your coppers and small silver, and offer this to the kiddies in Rigul – they would be so very appreciative of enough hot food and some schooling, that is a real wanted gift.

Please help the kiddies in Tibet. - HELP BY SPONSORING A TIBETAN CHILD

Tibetan Children’s Sponsorship Appeal
Sponsorship Programme

DONATING BY PAYPAL - online - using any currency - from any country - without bank charges to the donor. You do not need to already have a Paypal account, you can donate using your credit or debit card, it is very easy to do and just takes a few minutes.

To use the PayPal facility for the Tibetan Children’s Appeal, through Rigul Trust, click on the following link to donate:

(Enter the amount you wish to donate, click ‘Update’ and then send your donation.)

 100% of all donations made through Rigul Trust Tibetan Children’s Appeal will go to sponsoring the children of Rigul.

BY CHEQUE:  Cheques made payable to Rigul Trust - address: Rigul Trust, 13 St Francis Avenue, Southampton, SO18 5QL. UK

UK taxpayers eligible for Gift Aid.

How to Sponsor a child in Tibet
PayPal: Donate Rigul Trust paid for the new cement playground

Pledge for 2014-15

We have a target of

£10,000 for school children

Let’s do it

Let’s make it happen

Let’s do it together

Bring a child an education

Bring a smile to their faces

And nourishing food

Children no longer have to dine in the open
air in all weathers with no chairs or tables 
now there is a dining hall funded by Rigul Trust
Teachers & students of Rigul school and
Master Sheng Gen (right is school master Riga)
Rigul children learn traditional dances and 
language & help to preserve their unique 

A proper dormitory room is needed as when weather is very harsh many children are forced to sleep at school

Children open gifts of books and 
writing  materials from Rigul Trust
One of the classrooms funded by Rigul Trust
A big Thank You to all the Friends of Rigul Trust who help to feed us and fund our school
Spread the word on Facebook Causes
Tibetan Children Sponsorship - Sponsoring a child provides education, nutrition and a chance in life


If you a are a UK taxpayer and you would like your donation to be treated via Gift Aid please add your name, check the box below and submit.  This will allow us to reclaim 25 pence of every pound donated.

Tibetan Children’s Education Appeal Leaflet

This PDF leaflet for our Tibetan Children’s Education Appeal details our appeal and includes payment details for cheques and standing order mandates. Just download, print, fill in your details and post back to us at the address on the form. You might also like to Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK taxpayer.

So please consider Sponsoring a Tibetan child today and bring a smile and a brighter future to these youngsters.

If you would like us to send you some leaflets to distribute please contact us on  Tel: 02380 462926


Rigul Trust

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