Monthly Archives: November 2009

  • We have now sent the funds to complete the building of 2 new classrooms at the Ling Gesar School, Manduwala, Dehra Dun
    This school is not only for the Tibetan refugees but caters for all the Indian children in the surrounding poor villages. It was set up 20 years ago and before 2003 was near to closure due to lack of funds. Since 2003 a charitable trust in Germany has been set up under the guidance of Ringu Tulku: Bodhicharya Huttenried – Dharma-Tor Charitable Trust, Germany.
    To help maintain and improve the education and health facilities, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche has also asked Rigul Trust, with its UK charity registration status, to help fund these projects.

  • Welcome to the blog spot of UK Registered Charity Rigul Trust. Rigul Trust is a UK Charity whose main aim is to provide funds for the provision of basic health care, education and poverty relief amongst Tibetan refugee communities in India, and in particular for the people of some of the most remote areas of […]

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