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  • EARTHQUAKE APPEAL YUSHU QINGHAI TIBETAN PLATEAU CHINA On 14th April 2010, an earthquake reaching 7.1 on the Richter scale struck Yushu County, Kham, an impoverished area of Tibet and largely populated by Tibetans. Official reports now put the death toll at 2,064, with more than 12,000 injured and 175 missing. Homes, schools, monasteries and health […]

    In this Tibetan region of China over a thousand people died, and many more were injured as a result of the devastating earthquake which struck Yushu county on 14th April. Yushu is in Qinghai province, high on the Tibetan plateau, an impoverished area largely populated by Tibetans. Over 70% of the buildings in the town have been flattened, leaving thousands homeless and shivering in tents overnight in sub-zero conditions. The freezing temperatures and high altitude have hampered search and rescue teams, but hundreds of monks arrived in the worst-affected areas from all over the region to help dig survivors out by hand.

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