Tibetan Buddhist teacher and published author of books on Buddhist meditation and philosophyRingu Tulku Rinpoche: Patron

Ringu Tulku is pivotal in all decisions regarding Rigul school, Rigul health clinic, basic sanitation and maintenance costs.  All decisions of where the money goes and how much is given to Rigul projects is decided under the careful guidance of Ringu Tulku. The trustees follow his guidelines closely and then make the final decisions in accordance with UK Charity Commission rules and regulations.


Margaret Richardson:  Founder

My involvement with Rigul started in 2003 and I have helped raise awareness and funds since then.  In 2015 I was officially promoted to Founder of Rigul Trust. Rinpoche identified the role as ensuring the trust was going in the right direction, fundraising, helping the trustees, and attending meetings.  My motivation for helping the people in Rigul is that the people are extremely poor and we can direct funds for projects in Rigul.  I have a keen interest in health and education having spent my working life as a nurse and a teacher.
My other commitment is because Rinpoche’s monastery is in Rigul.  The loss of their abbot is our gain.  So I rejoice in Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s amazing teachings and his great spirit of generosity.

David Curtis: Co-Founder

A group had been meeting every week to study Rinpoche’s teachings. We decided to cook dinner to raise £100 towards the cost of building a school in Rigul. It seemed a natural gesture of appreciation for the gifts of Rinpoche’s teachings.  Margaret and I began collecting unwanted items and selling them at car boot sales.  Before long, the original aim of raising £100 had been met and we were raising £5000 a year. It became clear that we should register as a UK charity.

In my role as treasurer I have had the privilege of appreciating great generosity shown by many people from around the world, many of whom will also have been blessed by Ringu Tulku’s warm hearted teachings.


Jeff Wilshaw:  Treasurer

I was invited to join the trust as a trustee in 2016 with the main aim of assisting with the treasury role.
I come from a technical background having trained as a chartered engineer in the fields of civil & structural engineering. During my career I have worked for international engineering consultancies in the UK and overseas in Africa and India. In addition to my technical formation I have an MBA from Warwick Business School and currently run my own engineering consultancy practice.
It is my hope that the problem-solving skills from my engineering background in combination with my experience in managing projects and organisations will be able to benefit the operation of the Trust.


Michele Sisto: Trustee

I was honoured to be asked to join the trust in 2019. I consider this a wonderful opportunity to work closely and harmoniously with the all team.

I am an IT consultant by trade and I hope my professional skills can help run the trust in the most efficient and beneficial way.

As a student of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, I cannot be grateful enough for the profound teachings received and his absolute dedication to his groups around the world. I hope I can give back to his original community in Rigul with my small contribution.

Andy Lowe: Trustee

My interest in Tibetan Buddhism began with a chance encounter with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche over 30 years ago at Samye Ling the Tibetan Buddhist temple in Scotland.  I am now a dedicated student of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and I was invited to accompany him, with others, on to a visit the village of Rinpoche’s birth place in Rigul Kham in the  Autonomous Region of Tibet in 2005.  Whilst living in Glasgow I was invited by Akong Rinpoche to run his Samye Dzong Tibetan Buddhist centre for several years in the 1990s.  I was also able to help Yeshe Rinpoche establish a place of retreat which resulted in the purchase of Holy Island situated just off the Island of Arran in Scotland.

Although I formally retired from my career as a grounded theory university academic in 2001, I continue to supervise several PhD projects around the world.  I have a PhD from Glasgow university and an MBA from Aston university.  Currently I am the joint lead academic auditor for the Marie Cure funded major research program entitled “The Legitimation of Newness and its impact on the EU agenda for change”. 

 My latest jointly authored book entitled “The Art of Theory Building” will be published in 2023.