Dear Friends Worldwide,
Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s students at Bodhicharya Kent, England are helping to raise awareness and funds for Rinpoche’s people in Rigul, Tibet. Six of them will be climbing the three highest peaks in the UK on April 28th, 29th and 30th in a space of 72 hours. They would really appreciate and welcome sponsorship.
Such noble hearted effort with helping Ringu Tulku’s main responsibility, which is Rigul,Tibet, where Rinpoche is still the Abbot .

Visit this Bodhicharya link below for more information.
A DONATE button is located on this link:

Please help Cesare, Mick, Gary, Debra, Matthew and Samuel,  to achieve their goals to benefit others.
Social media, websites, and email lists are a way to spread this message, giving those who wish the opportunity to practise generosity.Thank you very much.

Be happy, be joyful, go well,
Margaret Richardson
Founder of Rigul Trust