A few years back, Ani Choden offered to oversee a purpose built health clinic and to organise the running of the clinic if Ringu Tulku could help her by finding kind people to help with advice and donations.

Nowadays we have helped Ani Choden’s dream of a health clinic come true. The people of Rigul send their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your most generous help over the years.

Today we help fund the salaries of Dr Chuga and Ani Choden, the nurse and the running costs of the clinic each year.

Dr Chuga is trained in Tibetan medicine and some Western medicine. He works 24 hours of the day, being available at night when necessary.

In summer Dr Chuga and Ani Choden visit the surrounding valleys and mountain sides for harvesting medicinal plants for processing them for medicines for the patients health and welfare.

The people pay for medicines in summer when they can find work. The winters are severe.

The nearest hospital is several miles away.

We have been able to sponsor a car/ambulance for transporting patients and for driving around the valleys and mountain sides harvesting medicinal herbs/plants.