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An easy way to support the Rigul Trust projects  is to order “Chenrezig – the Practice of Compassion” book.

  • The Chenrezig Book – the Practice of Compassion:  is a commentary of the Chenrezig practice by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, made of substantial 160 pages, with beautiful illustrations, a Chenrezig drawing by R. D. Salga and the sadana text. A fabulous gift for the understanding of the practice and a gift to the people of Rigul too.
  • 100% of the proceeds raised go to Rigul Trust ‘s projects.
Chenrezig Practice of Compassion book

Buy Chenrezig Book by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

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  • It presents a complete approach for generating and working with loving kindness and compassion in our every day lives, making ourselves, and the world, a better place.
  • You will especially like this book on Chenrezig if you are interested in:
    Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice, Tibetan language, Tibet, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Tibetan cultural identity, Buddhist meditation, developing a kind heart, practice of loving kindness, personal development etc.

You can be a ‘Friend of Rigul Trust’ and help to raise awareness of our activities and funds. Here are a few ideas that we have used:

  • Bring and Buy sale; have a sponsored event like a marathon run or skydiving; coffee morning; BBQ; charity dinner at home or in a local restaurant; garden party with cream teas; cake sale; plant sale; garage sale; table top sale; auction; car boot sale; raffle and tombola; spreading the word and distributing our appealing postcard flyers (email [email protected]).
  • Although we are grateful for all and any support, generally, we prefer that donations are made directly via this website rather than through secondary fundraising sites. This does not mean that fundraising projects are not helpful but rather that we encourage donations to be made directly to our website so that we can guarantee that 100% of donations we receive do go directly to Rigul Trust projects.
  • You can also help with having links from any of your websites, blogspots, facebook or twitter or other social media accounts (see buttons above). Please link to us at  www.rigultrust.org