Needed now. A car/ambulance for Dr Chuga.

Message from Margaret Richardson – Founder of RIGUL TRUST:

Dear Friends Worldwide,

Thank you all so very much for donating to Rigul Trust through Better Place.
This is amazing help that Tom Zachmeier has initiated through C.A.N. (Conscious Action Network.  See the video on the Donations page).

Rigul is in the remote Himalayas of Tibet where we fund the school and the health clinic.
What is so needed now is a car/ambulance for Dr Chuga. If you would like to donate something please do so here. Paypal-btn_donateCC_LG

With great gratitude on behalf of Ringu Tulku and the trustees we wish you all the very best with lots of love, good health and a joyful mind,

Margaret Richardson

Founder of Rigul Trust

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