New beginnings 2016

Rigul Trust are happy to welcome Sarah Delfont and Colin R. Moore as new Trustees in place of Frank Goh and Brigid Shaugnessy. Many thanks to former trustees Frank, Brigid and Jude Tarrant, who retired earlier, for their great contribution towards Rigul Trust and helping so many people through the Trust.

Margaret Richardson will continue to work as the Founder, assisting and helping the trustees. Her dedication and support for Rigul and many other projects is amazing. Great thanks are also due to David Curtis who continues to serve the Trust as a trustee and treasurer. He has tirelessly worked for Rigul Trust from the beginning and was also a founding trustee.

Of course none of this could happen without the inspiration and dedication of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche who continues to give so much to people all around the world and has inspired this opportunity to give just a little back to Rigul (and elsewhere), the region in Tibet he is from and for which he is still responsible for as abbot of the local monastery.

We hope you like the new website which has largely been created due to the hard work of Andy Firman and Paul O’Connor with a little late editing by Colin. Many, many thanks to Andy and Paul for their contributions and also to the many people who have reported and taken wonderful photos of the work of the charity. We hope to post more of these in due course.

The trustees hope that you will use this website to keep informed of the work of Rigul Trust and we will do our best to show how Rigul Trust is using your generous donations to good effect in Rigul and elsewhere in the Himalayan regions. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions through any of the social media links on the top bar and if you have any content you would like to share send it to us and we will consider putting it on the news thread or elsewhere on the site.

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