New Year Good Wishes

New Year Good Wishes to all of our supporters of Rigul Trust projects.

Dear Friends,

We hope you are well and in good spirits. With the coming of the New Year 2013, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our greetings and very best wishes to all of you.

May you enjoy prosperity.

May your dreams come true in the coming year and may things go well without obstacles.

May Buddha always bless you and may your Dharma practices become fruitful.

May you live long and healthily.

On behalf of all the people in Rigul, Kham,Tibet we extend their great gratitude and lots of Tashi Deleks for all the support you have so nobly and generously given for the health clinic, the school and the khenpo there.

Without this extraordinary financial support, Ringu Tulku’s people in Rigul would not have a health clinic or a school and the people in Rigul are in great need of our support to help alleviate such poverty.

So in 2012 with your great support, Rigul Trust funded:

  • 40,000 hot, school meals and an education for 60 children
  • Salaries of 5 teachers and 3 cooks.
  • The advanced running costs of the health clinic for approximately 10,000 patients plus the salaries of Dr Chuga, his assistant and the nurse, Ani Choden.

To fund all of the above for 2013 will cost £34,000 or 42,000 euros!!

Thank you all so very, very much from the Rigul Trust Trustees, Patron and the people of Rigul in particular.

Here is a short update from our Patron of Rigul Trust o the activities of the Trust in helping to releive the poverty in Rigul:

“Thank you very much for some contribution to the people in Rigul. The school and clinic in Rigul are actually doing very well. There was a little bit of a rumor that maybe the Chinese government might close the school. But this is just a rumor, so far; and I hope nothing will happen. They are doing very well there. At the moment they are building toilets – the first time toilets being built for the school in Rigul. I don’t know how good those toilets will be, but they are building it. And last year, they built a dining hall. So far they have been eating in the classrooms or outside, so now they have a proper dining hall and tables where they can eat. And those people who also pass out [graduated] from the school, many have joined shedra as monks; I think about 40 of them. And many others, including the girls, many girls have gone for higher studies, higher schools, middle, secondary schools elsewhere, a little bit far. So it seems the school is very helpful. Also the clinic is being used quite a lot. Lots of people come for their checkup and for medicines. So thank you very much, you and others who have contributed and helped in these projects. As you can see, we have been now helping them for a long time. Every year, around £30,000 are needed for the school and clinic. So far we have been able to make them through your generous contributions. So hopefully, we will be able to continue.”
Thank you very much.
Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Patron Rigul Trust Charity

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