News from Rigul, Ambulance update, Fundraising success, Ringu Tulku on Rigul School children telling stories

News from Rigul, Tibet, Ambulance update and School news
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Dear Friends Worldwide,

We hope you are well and enjoyed the summer season. Khenpo Senge from Rigul tells me that the summer has been hot and dry and many forest fires in Tibet.

Here, Khenpo Senge sends a visual delight of some photos of summer in some places in Tibet.

sheep lotus2image-1

Though these photos suggest otherwise Khenpo Senge says there have been many forest fires in Tibet as the weather has been so dry and hot.



This summer season has seen so many kind people generously donating for a car/ambulance for the health clinic in Rigul, Kham. Dr Chuga is getting older and can’t walk so far. Many patients live several miles away from Rigul too.


This is a sample of the vehicle we are raising funds for.

This type of vehicle will be used to visit patients, take patients to hospital, a six to eight hour journey and to go over rough terrain in the mountains and valleys to collect medicinal herbs to process back at the clinic.  We send our heartfelt gratitude to all those individuals and groups who have  so generously donated for the car/ambulance.   Noble hearted, generous people from the USA and Europe have joined us in helping to raise the £10,000 needed to buy an ambulance vehicle for the clinic in Rigul and we hope to make an announcement shortly that this has been achieved. We are very nearly there. Bodhicharya groups in the UK invited Ringu Tulku to teach and they sent all the donations, after expenses, to Rigul trust. This raised more than one thousand pounds.


Rinpoche’s Summer Camp in Portugal this year raised 1,604 Euros from a tombola, sales of merchandise and donations

Over 130 people from around 20 different countries participated in Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s summer camp in Portugal this year.

In addition to the six days of wonderful and inspiring teachings from Rinpoche the participants generously, in different ways, contributed towards the Rigul Project in three main ways.

 Firstly, Rinpoche agreed to create several calligraphies which would be made available for a raffle [or tombola]. Also in the tombola were 12 high A4 sized quality photos of some of Ringu Tulku’s brother Salga’s best work of Tibetan Buddhist Thanka paintings. Many tombola tickets were sold and the lucky recipients came from participants from Portugal, Norway, France, Germany and the UK.

 Secondly, participants purchased many items from the Rigul Trust collection of DVDs, books and other merchandise. The most popular being the chanting DVD made by Lama Tsultrim.  All of which were quickly sold out.

 Finally, many people simply made generous donations towards the Rigul Trust project.

The result was that Rigul trust received a total of 1,604 Euros from the Portugal Summer Camp.  This exceeded last year’s total even though there were significantly fewer participants present that last year.

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche has sent us this message  about the work the children are doing in the school: 


“There is a special program organized in Rigul School where children told stories, legends, jokes and all those things that they learnt from their parents and grand parents. A good way to preserve the old folk culture of the land which is being slowly forgotten. A new thing that started in Rigul and now being appreciated by many other places in Tibet.”


The Rigul Trust team wishes to thank everyone for their help in supporting the health care, education and the continuance the Tibetan culture for the people of the Rigul.

Thank you all very much.

Be happy, be joyful, go well.

Margaret Richardson,
Founder of Rigul Trust, and on behalf of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, his people in Rigul, Tibet and the Trustees.

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