Over the years we have helped to fund a purpose built school for the young children in Rigul.                      

Every year we fund the teachers’ and the cooks’ salaries.

For the children, we help fund free text books, and free boarding as some children come from afar and there’s a big river to cross.

With all your kind-hearted help and donations, we are also able to offer 2 free, hot school meals a day. 


A few years back, Ani Choden offered to oversee a purpose built health clinic and to organise the running of the clinic if Ringu Tulku could help her by finding kind people to help with advice and donations.

Shedra - Monastic Educational Program

The shedra is a place of learning for the young monks. We help with funding the salary of the Khenpo and the food for the monks for 10 months of the year.

Piped water and basic sanitation

Also we have funded the first ever underground piping from the stream to several water taps like in the school, the clinic, the toilets etc.
We have been able to fund the first ever toilets for Rigul with your generous help.