Thanks to the generosity of everyone who donated, we were able to buy a car for essential work of Dr Chuga, which includes collecting herbal plants in difficult terrain and acting as an ambulance either getting Dr. Chuga to a patient and/or bringing the patient to the clinic for treatment.

This is such great news but much still needs to be done for the clinic where there is still a great need. See below for some of the day to day running costs.

  • The Health clinic running costs are approx. £8000 a year, or £24 a day.
  • That includes a salary for Dr Chuga, who is in charge of the clinic, and Nurse Ani Choden.
  • Consultations are free, medicines are paid for in summer when there is work. The winters are severe. Funds pay for the essential clinic staff of Dr Chuga and Ani Choden the nurse who work all the year round in challenging circumstances.
  • When enough money has been raised for each member of staff for that year, the remainder will go towards the day to day running costs of the clinic, including free transport for the needy, and any repairs and improvements to the buildings and equipment.