What your support has meant this year

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year

 Thank you so much for all your donations, service, advice and help throughout 2011.
 All of us working together internationally through Rigul Trust this year has brought funding and help for:

hot school meals for sixty children for one year in Rigul, Tibet

patients approximately, have received health care, supported by the advanced  funding of the running costs of the clinic, the salaries of Dr. Chuga, Ani Choden and Karma Tsisha, the doctor’s assistant, at Rigul Health clinic, Tibet.

 5 teachers and 3 cooks in Rigul have received salaries funded by Rigul Trust.

Sikkim earthquake victims receiving appropriate help through everyone’s generosity.

Chenrezig ‘The Practice of Compassion’, a commentary by Ringu Tulku.

A Rigul Trust publication which  will see 100% of the money that people have given for this book go to Rigul monastery, health clinic and school in Rigul, Tibet.

We thank everyone who has worked tirelessly  for Rigul Trust and volunteered to sponsor 100% of all expenses, including the production of the Chenrezig book.

Be happy, be joyful, go well,

 The Rigul Trust team.

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