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Poverty relief and education for Tibetans

UK Charity Registration No.1124076  Tel: 02380 462926

100% of all donations received will go to fund health care, education and poverty relief projects.  

All necessary expenses are met privately by volunteers.

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Rigul Trust Charity sponsoring poor Tibetan children in Tibet

With rising costs we have begun a sponsorship programme for bringing much needed food and education to poor Tibetan children.

For the year May 2014 to 2015 we will be sending over £30,000 for:

Recycle for cash & help Tibetans with education and welfare projects
Health care & basic education: please help to make it a basic human right in these poor Tibetan communities...

We have a choice of sponsoring one or more Tibetan children in the following ways:

Sponsoring one child for one year costs £200

Sponsoring one child for six months costs £100

Sponsoring one child for three months costs £50

Sponsoring one child for six weeks costs £25

The cost for the year for the children at £200 each is £10,000

Please help us to help them.........more about our sponsorship programme

PayPal: Donate Sponsorship Program
We hope you enjoy seeing these photos of Rigul school, the health clinic and the village

Rigul Trust is a UK Charity supporting the only health clinic and primary school in Rigul Tibet

A small contribution from you can achieve so much….

Patron Ringu Tulku Rinpoche talks
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Education - Ringu Tulku in Rigul school, Tibet We give...
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Welfare projects and education

Earthquake: Nepal and bordering countries

The news of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal and bordering countries will have reached so many of us. The reportage of the thousands of fatalities, injured and the graphic images on TV and the social media will have touched the hearts of so many around the world. Words fail to express the utter sadness and grief felt by the survivors.

Emergency Appeal

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and Rigul Trust have been asked to help a village in a very remote region of Nepal, near the Tibetan border and which is only accessible by helicopter. There are 200 nuns and staff in urgent need of shelter, food and medicines. The monastery and nunnery there has been completely destroyed by the earthquake.

Some nuns were buried under the rubble, some were injured and one died. The cost of hiring a helicopter is very expensive and only takes 4 people. We want to help them to rebuild their community in this emergency situation.

The monsoon rains will be arriving within the next few weeks and urgent need is to get provisions, tents, sheds, food and medicines to them, and any help you can give will be of such great benefit.


If you a are a UK taxpayer and you would like your donation to be treated via Gift Aid please add your name, check the box below and submit.  This will allow us to reclaim 25 pence of every pound donated.

Disaster Emergency Appeal